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1xBet Promo Code 2023 ⇒ Exclusive Bonus €/$130

1xBet betting company continues to remain in the trend. Despite the growing competition in the interactive betting market and the growing demand for bookmakers' services, the number of clients at this office continues to increase. Dozens of new accounts are registered every day. The playing audience is increasingly interested in the activities of 1xBet.

1xBet Promo Code


1xBet Promo Code 2023: 248248 - this combination gives you an exclusive sports bonus that will add 100% to your first deposit of up to 130 €/$. Promo codes have become widespread in the gambling industry, including betting. In other words, game portals provide benefits and advantages to players under certain conditions. Such a sentence is usually encrypted in a combination consisting of numbers, letters and symbols. It is this combination that is a promo code. It is with this combination that users most often encounter when they are interested in the 1xBet bookmaker.

However, everything starts for users only after registration in the office. Moreover, it is registration that gives the start to participation in the bonus program. What does 1xbet bookmaker offer its new customers? The first thing a player can count on by expressing a desire to register at the office is a welcome bonus. This offer is a one-time offer and applies only to new customers. The promotion is permanent, so all users who have registered with 1xbet can receive welcome bonuses. 

The main task of such publications is to motivate users to register in the office as soon as possible. As for the promo code, thanks to it, future bookmaker customers can get additional benefits after registration. What needs to be done for this? Just copy the combination and use it during the registration process. What can I get with the 1 x Bet promo code when creating an account?

Promo Code 1xBet for Free: 248248 at registration, you can get a welcome bonus for a new client in the amount of up to 130 €/$, which will give you a great start in your online sports betting. Thanks to advertising on the 1xbet gaming portal itself and publications on thematic and partner resources, many people know about the registration bonus. In many ways, it is thanks to him that the number of bookmaker's clients is constantly growing. It is due to this type of bonus that players get at their disposal a substantial amount that can be spent on bets. Moreover, the 1xBet bookmaker has a gambling section, so you can register and get a welcome bonus for the casino for this.  

Moreover, the registration bonus for the casino is an order of magnitude greater than the registration bonus for sports betting.

The fact that the bonus program of the 1xBet bookmaker is interesting and diverse is often said a lot. This is evidenced by the reviews of clients with experience, newcomers who have recently registered with the 1xBet bookmaker. Some players like bonuses provided as part of ongoing promotions. Other customers like to deal with 1xBet promo codes, with which you can get good additional bonuses and preferences. 

We are talking about one-time promotions and those that operate on this portal all the time. If the situation is more or less clear with the main bonuses that are actively used by players of all levels, then the situation is different with promo codes. What are their main features?

What do players need to know about promo codes and how to use them correctly? What are the subtleties and nuances of this element of the 1xBet bonus program?

1. Welcome Bonus - 200% up to €/$130
2. Accumulator of the Day - Bonus up to 100%
3. Advancebet - Get up to €/$100 in free bets
4. Lucky Friday - Get up to €/$100 bonus
5. Wednesday X2 Promo - Get up to €/$100 bonus
6. Birthday Bonus - Get up to €/$100 bonus
7. Casino Welcome Bonus - 100% up to €/$1500
8. Poker Welcome Bonus - 200% up to €/$2000
9. Sports Betting Cashback - Get up to €/$100 bonus
10. Virtual Sports Welcome Bonus - 100% up to €/$100
11. 1XGAMES Welcome Bonus - 100% up to €/$100
12. 1XRACE Welcome Bonus - Get up to €/$100 bonus
13. Accumulator Insurance - Get up to €/$100 bonus
14. Bet Slip Battle - Get up to €/$100 bonus
15. Daily Jackpot - Get up to €/$100 bonus

Register via the link and enter the promo code 1xBet - 248248 to take advantage of a VIP offer which is 100% up to €/$130. The €/$100 provided as part of the welcome pack may be increased. To do this, during registration, the user must use the promotional code 1xbet. 1xBet is an online betting company that offers a wide range of betting options for both sports and casino games. The company has a mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. The app allows users to place bets on a variety of sports and casino games, as well as access promotions, bonuses, and other features. The app also offers a live streaming feature, which allows users to watch live sports and casino games as they happen.

While searching the Internet for information about the bonuses of the 1xBet bookmaker, users quite often encounter an offer to get a promo code for free and use it. Why is it often possible to find such proposals in the public domain and what lies behind them?

1xBet bookmaker, other offices and gaming sites act similarly, constantly conducts promotions aimed at increasing their own attractiveness in the eyes of customers. One of the tools of such a company are promo codes, with the help of which players can get additional benefits just like that, i.e. for free. To do this, you just need to copy the same code and use it for its intended purpose. 

The 1xBet promo code looks like some combination of symbols, numbers and letters. However, this combination is the key to getting bonuses. In view of this, promo codes are also called bonus codes. In other words! The user is offered to get a bonus code for free, use it, receiving some bonuses or preferences in return.

Promo codes of 1xBet, which are published in open access on the Internet, are intended for new customers of the bookmaker. Thanks to such codes, players can significantly increase the main welcome bonus already at the registration stage. This also applies to those clients who register at the sports betting office, and those players who intend to become clients of 1xBet casino.

Such bonus codes are published on thematic resources that disseminate information on the network about this brand in the format of an information and advertising company. Such sites operate under a partnership agreement with the office. The gaming portal arranges an action by issuing a certain number of promo codes, and partner sites publish them and distribute them freely. The main purpose of such publications is to attract the attention of users and motivate them to register in the office on favorable terms. Bonus codes are just the key with which you can get the most favorable conditions.

The 1xBet app is easy to use and provides a great user experience. The app has a clean and intuitive interface, and all the features are easy to find and use. The app also offers a wide range of betting options, including pre-match and in-play betting, as well as a variety of special bets and promotions. The app also offers a live streaming feature, which allows users to watch live sports and casino games as they happen.

The bonus code that the user encountered for the first time has a special purpose, i.e. a certain action is encrypted in it. In this case, we are talking about registering with the 1xBet bookmaker and at this stage, how to use the copied combination.

Therefore, the code provided to the user is intended for use when registering at the office. For what? For what purpose?

1xBet Promo Code: 248248 - Claim Registration Bonus 130% up to 130 €/$. The winner is always the one who plays, register and start winning. The sports betting and virtual gambling market has arrived today. A new 1xBet project has appeared, which, despite its young age, turned out to be successful. In a short time, the company was able to acquire an impressive army of fans.

At this stage, the promo code is a motivation tool, giving the player some kind of bonus already in the registration process. For example, under the terms of the promotion, each new client of the bookmaker can receive a welcome package of up to 100 EUR. To do this, you need to register, top up your account. And what about the promo code used when creating the account? Thanks to this combination, the welcome bonus increases by 130% at once. That is, instead of the required 100 EUR, the new client of the bookmaker will already receive 130 EUR as bonus funds.

How do I get a 1xbet promo code?

Enter the Promo Code 1xBet: 248248 at registration and get a bonus of €/$ 130. The welcome bonus of 100% sports betting and casino gives you the opportunity to use free money from 1xbet. The format of almost any bookmaker's activity implies the presence of a bonus program. Thanks to the bonuses provided, the bookmaker tries to increase its attractiveness in the eyes of potential customers. As for the players, they can place bets at the expense of bonuses without much risk, increasing their chances of winning. In the same vein, the bonus program of the 1xBet bookmaker as a whole and each of its elements separately should be considered.

To win back, you need to scroll the bonus amount a set number of times.

Another offer in which bonuses are provided to the player is "happy Friday". According to the terms of this promotion to the player. Who made a deposit on Friday, bonuses are provided in the amount equivalent to the deposit amount. In order to make a profit and withdraw money to the main account, the bonuses provided must be won back.

In addition, there are other promotions in which bonuses can be credited to the bonus account. This is the action "Wednesday, multiply by 2", the action "Black Friday", "Battle of coupons". As part of temporary promotions, bonuses are available to players for participating in tournaments and quizzes. However, in this case, players often receive gifts and valuable prizes rather than bonus funds.

Important points! All bonus funds received to the main bonus account are subject to wagering within the established time period. Each bonus has its own wager. You can get the next bonus only after wagering the previously received offer. The profit received after wagering can be used for the following bets or withdrawn through the main gaming account.

1xBet Promo Code Today


1xBet VIP Bonus up to 130 €/$ | Sign Up Offer 2023

All 1xBet bookmaker bonuses are promo codes ✓ Bonus codes ✓ No deposit bonuses for registration ✓ Free spins ✓ Loyalty program ✓ Cashback!

1xBet Promo Code: 248248 and gives you a VIP sports bonus that is a 100% match on your first deposit worth up to €/$130.
When a user reads the material about the activities of the 1xBet bookmaker, about the features and advantages of its gaming platform and generous bonuses, he will definitely stumble upon a block in the text. In this block there will be an offer to go to the bookmaker's website, register and get all access to all the listed benefits.

Now about the very advantages that are encrypted in the promo code. In this case, we are talking about additional bonuses.

Yes! It is additional, since the main bonuses that new bookmakers receive are a welcome bonus 100%.

Accordingly, we can conclude. The promo code is valid only when bundled with the main bonus.

If the player refused the welcome bonus, then the promo code will not work either. The client does not receive any additional bonuses.

Additional bonuses for the 1xBet promo code are the amount of funds, which is 30% of the welcome bonus. 

1xBet Bookmaker Promo Code: 248248 - Sign up Bonus 130 €/$. Bonus codes of the 1xBet bookmaker are easy to find in the public Internet space. Basically, such offers are published on partner sites and thematic Internet resources that highlight the work of the 1xBet office, its advantages and features. In these articles and materials, promo codes are included, just in the place where it is described in detail about the advantage of registering on the gaming site through a promo code. Usually such blocks, where the bonus code is placed directly, work as advertising, motivating users to copy the code and proceed to registration on the game portal.

What is a promo code for in this situation?

As a marketing tool to motivate users. You just need to use the code during registration to get additional bonuses in return. If you are also interested in finding out what the 1xBet brand is, go to the official website, register and start playing. Yes! Do not forget to use the 1xBet promo code during registration. The consequences promise to be pleasant.

The promo code of the 1xBet bookmaker: 248248. It's nice to register at a bookmaker's office and get an impressive portion of bonuses for it just like that, absolutely free of charge. With such an offer, almost all bookmakers are entering the market today, massively distributing their promo codes in the public Internet space. The popular bookmaker 1xBet, whose promo codes are in demand among sports betting fans, is no exception in this regard.

In order for the promo code to work and the user to get a certain benefit from it, you need to adhere to certain conditions:

Again, the combination itself does not give anything if the basic conditions of the promotion are not met. I.e., without the main package bonus, the promo code will not bring any benefit to the player during registration.

All offers that users encounter are published for free. The bookmaker regularly updates promo codes, releasing new codes instead of outdated combinations, for the next batch of new customers. The details of the promotion, within which new promo codes are issued, may also change.

Such an offer is free and does not oblige to anything.

You can also find the current 1xBet promo code in social networks, in the Telegram channel or on the pages of famous bloggers. 

For the distribution of promo codes, all sources receive an appropriate reward from the bookmaker. According to the terms of the partnership agreement, partners receive a reward for each code used during registration. More new customers, more rewards for partners. The office, in turn, receives new customers thanks to this promotion. Everyone is happy, including the players themselves, who get more chances to win thanks to bonus codes.

1xBet Promo Code: 248248 and gives you a VIP sports bonus that is a 130% up to 130 €/$ (or your country's currency equivalent).

Agree! It's nice to get bonuses just for the fact that you have registered with a bookmaker. It is not a fact that the bonuses provided will be able to win back in full, but the chances of winning in this case increase significantly. This advantage is given by the 1xBet promo code and its effect extends only to beginners who are just taking their first steps in betting or gambling.

Partner resources and other sources are rewarded for publishing and distributing promo codes. This is stipulated in the partnership agreement between the partners and the bookmaker. For each promo code that was used during the registration of a new client, the partner receives a reward from the company. More users have used the codes, the amount of remuneration is higher.

1xBet Promo Code List

Promo Code 1xBet: 248248 - New customers receive a 1xbet welcome bonus of up to €/$ 130. Copy the 1xBet bonus code in the future, this combination must be used during registration. To do this, there is a special column in the registration form. Users who are interested in sports betting should register. Only the presence of an account in a bookmaker's office allows players to get full access to the gaming functionality of the site, including the ability to bet on sports for real money.  

It is at this stage that the player can take advantage of the bookmaker's offer to receive a welcome bonus. The essence of the action is as follows:

The maximum amount of bonuses provided as part of the welcome package is 100 €/$.

1xBet New Account Promo Code: 248248. New Players can use this code when opening your account to get a bonus of up to $/€130.

The material describes in detail the sporting achievements of the participants of the confrontation, offers forecasts for the outcome. In parallel with a detailed analysis of the sports event and its participants, such articles include up-to-date information about quotes and bets that can be concluded on the 1xBet website.

For participating in all the listed promotions, 1xBet bookmaker clients receive promo points, which can then be spent on the purchase of additional preferences. When accumulating a certain number of points on the bonus account, the client can go to the "Promo Code Store" section to select and buy the corresponding code for promo points.

The nominal value of all codes in the "Promo Code Store" is 50 points. As a rule, these are free bets on ordinaries and express bets on sports events, freebets for participation in popular TV games, lottery tickets. 

Only in this case, the earned points can be converted into real money, which can already be withdrawn from the main gaming account.

For players from different countries, the 1xbet bookmaker has a different number of bonuses and a different number of promo codes. However, in general, the bookmaker allows each player to use their bonus accounts at their discretion.

In order for the bonus to benefit the player, you need to win it back.

The 100 €/$ provided as part of the welcome package can be increased. To do this, during registration, the user needs to use the promo code 1xbet. For what? The code combination entered in a special form during registration increases the welcome bonus by 30%. That is, if the first deposit was 100 €/$, then the bonus amount for registration through the promo code will already be 30% more, not 100 €/$, but 130 €/$.

1xBet Welcome Bonus Code: 248248 - This will enable you to receive their excellent welcome bonus of up to €130 in free bets.

A month is allotted for the wagering of the welcome bonus. During this period, a new client of the 1xbet bookmaker must place bets within the express. The number of events in the express should be at least 3, and the coefficient for outcomes should not be less than 1.4.

In order for the received profit to be withdrawn from the account, the bonus must be wagered in full. Withdrawal is available only if the amount remaining on the game account after withdrawal is twice the payout amount.

If the player has decided to go to the office's website and proceed with registration, the 1xBet promo code must be copied and used during the registration procedure. At the same time, no fee is provided for the provided code. Promo codes are provided free of charge, but they can only be used by new users and only during registration.

1xBet Promo Code for Registration

1xBet Sign Up Promo Code: 248248 when registering with 1xBet on this page. This will enable you to receive their excellent welcome bonus of up to €130 in free bets. Create an account in the 1xBet betting shop, you just have to copy the promo code and go to the office page. Next, you will have to register, during which you will need to enter the bonus code.

Additional promo code bonuses will become available only if the user has agreed to receive the main welcome bonus.

As you can see, thanks to the welcome bonus, the player gets additional chances to win. With a promo code, these chances increase by 130%.

This concerns the use of a promo code to receive a welcome bonus for the sports section. However, the bonus code can be used during registration and at the casino. If the user is interested in gambling, he will also have to register on the bookmaker's website. In this case, you can also use the appropriate bonus combination.

What does it give? 30 more free spins will be added to the welcome package. The main condition for the promo code to benefit is to register and make the first deposit. However, the bonus code for the gambling section does not end there. There is another option to get an increase to the welcome bonus.  If you use the copied combination during the registration process, the bonus funds will already amount to 120% of the size of the first deposit. In the case of a casino, the welcome bonus can be 500 EUR.

Do not forget that the promo code can be used only once. Repeated use of the bonus code is not possible.

1xBet bookmaker, other bookmakers act on the same principle, trying to expand their customer base. This is done at the expense of various actions conducted by the office. As part of such promotions, bonus codes are issued, which in this case serve as an effective marketing tool. The tactics are infallible! Users are invited to get a promo code for free and use it during registration. In return, the office provides its new client with bonuses. 

The 1xBet promo code: 248248 allows you to benefit from everything from free spins and bonus funds to cashback offers and more.

As for the registration procedure itself, it may be as follows in the 1xBet bookmaker:

In all four cases, the use of a promo code is assumed. How does this happen?

In the first case, the player only indicates the country in which he is located, chooses the currency of the account.

In a special form, you need to enter the promo code 1xBet. 

In the second case, when registration via a mobile phone number is selected, you need to add your mobile phone number to the account currency in addition to the country. In the third case, when an email address is selected for registration, the player needs to specify more data (host country, region, account currency, mobile phone number, email address, first name, last name and password). There is also a form in which you need to enter the current promo code. Activation of the bonuses placed for the used promo code occurs immediately after the account authorization.

The official promo code of 1xbet is only one when registering: 248248, only with it you will receive a bonus of $ 130, all other codes are not valid and do not give such a bonus. The current promo code 1xBet for today is free!

Now as for the search for the promo code of the 1xBet bookmaker. Usually bonus codes of bookmakers are distributed via the Internet in the public space. The main place of publication is a variety of Internet sites related to betting, to the topic of sports and, accordingly, to the topic of sports betting.

These can be thematic resources or partner sites that work on the basis of partnership agreements with a bookmaker. Partners publish on their pages materials about the activities of the 1xBet bookmaker. Including on partner sites, articles of a motivating nature are published, eventually persuading users to make a decision to create an account in this office. The promo code 1xBet acts as the main motivator.

1xBet Register Promo Code: 248248 - There is only one actual Bonus code 1x, only with it you will receive a maximum bonus of 130%.

When the player clicked on the link from the partner's website to the bookmaker's website, you will have to choose the registration method.

1xBet bookmaker offers users a choice of four registration options:

If the player is interested in the first three options, just here you can use the copied promo code.

When registering via social media accounts, the bonus code is not used.

What should I do next? Choose the registration method. Then the player 's actions will be as follows:

During the registration process, you must choose the format of the welcome bonus. Otherwise, the promo code may be useless. If the combination was copied from an affiliate site covering the topic of gambling in 1xbet, it is unlikely that it will work when receiving a welcome bonus for sports betting. Conversely, the promo code for the sports section will be useless when registering and receiving a welcome bonus for the casino.

Before you start registering, you need to determine whether to receive a welcome bonus or refuse this offer. In the event that the welcome bonus is not used, there is no need for a promo code. Now about where to enter the 1xBet promo code during registration. After entering the registration form, the player is asked to provide some information about himself. Depending on the selected option, the number of forms to be filled out also depends. The player needs to specify the country of residence, choose the game currency, specify his mobile number, email address, first and last name. 

In each of the options there is a special form in which you need to enter the current promo code. the code is activated upon completion of registration. Bonus funds will appear on the account only after the conditions under which the main welcome bonus is provided to the player are met. 

We remind you! The bonus code is valid only once, and the bonuses provided are wagered on the terms of wagering the main bonus.

How do i get promo code on 1xBet

Exclusive 1xBet Offer with a 200% Bonus up to 130 €/$.

Best 1xBet Promo Code: 248248 - Free Bet Bonus 100% up to 130 €/$. Everyone wins in 1xBet, register and play your favorite games right now. The essence of the offer is that thanks to such a bonus code, a new bookmaker's client can receive an additional portion of bonuses. In this scheme, all participants benefit. The bookmaker increases its customer base with the help of promo codes, partner sites earn money by distributing codes, and players receive additional bonuses from the office as a free gift.

In the virtual sports betting and gambling industry, the bonus program is one of the leading factors in the successful promotion of gaming platforms. 

All 1xbet promo codes are distributed free of charge. The bookmaker regularly updates bonus codes, clearly regulating their number and validity periods. Different promo codes are available to players from different countries, which are triggered only under certain conditions.

The codes are used only once during registration. After using the customer code, the combination loses its relevance.

1xbet also offers loyalty programs, which reward customers for their loyalty and activity. These programs offer points that can be exchanged for rewards, such as free bets, cash bonuses, and more. 1xbet also has a VIP program, which offers exclusive bonuses and rewards to its most active customers. Overall, 1xbet offers a wide variety of bonuses and promotions to its customers. These bonuses and promotions can help customers increase their winnings and enjoy a more rewarding betting experience.

Most of the users who, one way or another, became clients of the 1xbet bookmaker, used promo codes in their gaming activities. Thanks to these tools, players received not only benefits already during registration. In the future, with the help of 1xbet bonus codes, players have repeatedly been able to improve their playing positions.

What are the advantages that players receive through 1xBet bonus codes? What is a 1xBet promo code? Finally, we suggest you figure out where to look for these codes and how to use them. The main advantage of using bonus codes is that they allow players to receive additional benefits or bonuses. This can be a certain amount of money, free spins, or other rewards.

1xBet promo code is a combination of letters and numbers that can be used to get a bonus. The code is usually provided by the bookmaker itself or by a third-party website. Players can find bonus codes on the official website of the bookmaker, on the pages of third-party websites, or in social networks. To use the code, you need to enter it in the appropriate field during registration or when making a deposit.

It is important to remember that bonus codes are usually valid for a limited period of time, so you should use them as soon as possible.

Promo Code 1xBet Free Money: 248248 - This will allow you to receive their excellent welcome bonus of up to 130 €/$ in the form of free bets. The number and variety of bonuses that players can use today is amazing. However, against the background of the main package of offers, which includes a welcome bonus, no deposit, and cashbacks, the promo code stands apart. Moreover, not all players still have an idea of what a promo code is and what use it is. Nevertheless, such codes constantly appear in the public Internet space, arousing quite natural interest among users. 

If the code itself is the key to getting bonuses, then the offer to use the promo code acts as motivation for subsequent active actions on the part of the players. As a reward for the actions performed, in this case we are talking about registration, the office provides its new clients with encouragement in the form of additional bonuses.

Now about what is the promo code of the 1xBet gaming portal. As always and everywhere, the bonus code is a combination of letters and symbols, which is the code for receiving bonuses. Such combinations are unique, and they are issued by the bookmaker as part of a special promotion. According to the terms of the promotion, the number of 1xBet promo codes and their validity period are limited. 

1xBet Free Promo Code Today: 248248

The terms of the promotion also indicate the format of bonus codes and prescribe the terms of use. At the end of the promotion, unused codes lose their relevance and are already useless. It's time to release a new batch of bonus codes. 

The bookmaker does not distribute its bonus codes. This is done by other Internet resources that operate in the public space. As a rule, the 1xBet promo code is mainly distributed through partner sites and other resources covering the topic of betting. you can also get the codes on social networks.

The player decides on his own whether to use the bonuses provided by the bookmaker or not. In the event that a player is interested in the offer, he needs to agree to participate in the promotion and fulfill a number of mandatory conditions. These conditions apply to both receiving bonuses and their wagering. In the bookmaker's office, the main offer is a welcome bonus, which is provided to all new customers who have registered and made their first deposit.

1xBet Promo Code for Free: 248248, only it gives you a 100% welcome bonus of up to €/$130. This is a registration deposit bonus, and you can use it for sports betting and esports. The 1xbet bookmaker's bonus program covers almost all of the clients' gaming activities. Moreover, offers in terms of bonuses can concern both beginners and experienced players, providing additional preferences and advantages at different stages of the game.

The amount of the welcome bonus is 100% of the amount received to the main gaming account after the first deposit. The maximum amount of bonus money in this case is 100 EUR. If the client used it during registration, the amount of the welcome bonus can be increased by 30%. That is, as a result, 130 EUR is credited to the bonus account as bonus funds.

The action "Battle of Express trains" deserves special attention. The player is invited to place an express bet. The minimum number of events in the express is 3, but the minimum bet for each outcome must be at least 2 EUR. The very fact of such a transaction is encouraged by the 1xbet betting company with points. The number of points is determined by the formula, where the amount of the bet, the number of outcomes and the coefficient are taken into account. The participants of the tournament accumulate points. The winner of the tournament is the client who has the most points. As a prize, players can receive up to 10 thousand promo points.

1xBet Bonus Account - What is it?

Every client of the 1xBet bookmaker sooner or later becomes a member of the bonus program. Naturally, the player has the right to make a choice, take advantage of the bonuses provided or refuse such offers. However, at different stages of the gameplay, customers have to deal with various promotions, use their bonus account in 1xBet. 

What is the 1xBet bonus account for? How does it differ from the main account and how to use it correctly?

In a brief overview, you can find answers to these questions.

After registering with the 1xbet bookmaker, two additional accounts are opened for each client in addition to the main account by default. One additional account will automatically receive bonuses provided within the framework of existing promotions. Promo points that the player earns during the game will be credited to another account.

In both cases, the player can profitably use the bonuses provided, receiving additional preferences and advantages during the game. 
What are these bills?

In the first case, we are dealing with the main 1xBet bonus account, through which all bonuses received by the player in the bookmaker's office pass. Bonus funds credited for deposits within the welcome package or under the terms of other permanent promotions are credited to this account. The main difference between such bonuses is the mandatory wagering. Only after the bonus funds are wagered, and the client fulfills all the conditions of the wager, the bonuses in case of a win can be converted into real money.
After wagering, the received profit is automatically transferred to the main gaming account, from which it is already possible to make payments.

In the second case, we are talking about a special bonus account opened under the 1xBet loyalty program. This account receives points received by players for their actions and participation in the gameplay.

For example, points are awarded to players:

The more active the client behaves, the more points are credited to the bonus account. The more chances there are in the end to use the points provided for your benefit. Earned points can be exchanged for promo codes, receiving either a free bet, insurance for a bet, or other interesting offers.

1xBet Promo Code Casino

The exclusive offer is also available to all new players using the promo code 1xBet: 248248. You can use this extra free money by playing slots, cards and other casino gambling games. You can make a choice in favor of this type of welcome bonus on the main web page of 1xBet, either through an interactive advertising banner, or in the registration form. The main difference between a casino registration bonus and a bonus for a bookmaker is in the amount of the amount provided and in the method of receiving bonuses. It should be noted that for 1xbet casino, the welcome bonus is 1950 €/$ and 150 free spins are added to this amount.

Gambling fans can also get a solid welcome bonus for registering on the 1xbet casino gaming portal. 

To become the owner of this offer, you must:

1xBet Promo Code no Deposit: 248248 - Now let's talk about what the welcome bonus at 1xBet casino looks like and under what conditions it is provided. The entire amount of bonuses cannot be received immediately. The entire package bonus is divided into four parts and is provided for the first four deposits.

What does it look like?

  1. For the first deposit of at least 10 €/$, the new client receives 100% bonuses. The maximum amount is 300 €/$. Plus to this amount there are also 30 free spins.
  2. For a second deposit of at least 15 €/$, the player receives 50% of the deposit amount, but not more than 350 €/$. In addition to the bonuses, there are also 35 free spins.
  3. For the third deposit, the player is provided with 25% bonuses from the deposit amount. The maximum amount of bonuses in this case is 400 €/$. As a nice gift, 45 free spins are also provided.
  4. For the fourth deposit in the amount of at least 15 €/$, the new client receives 25% bonuses from the deposit amount. 40 free spins should be added to this.

As a result, for a new client of 1xBet casino, the welcome package can amount to 1,500 €/$ and 150 free spins.  However, each subsequent portion of bonuses is granted only after the previous bonus is wagered. The free spins provided can be used only after wagering bonus funds and only for playing on the slots Reliquary of Ra, Chief of Buffaloes, Juicy Fruits 27 ways and the slot machine Rich Mermaids Hold and spin.

1xBet Free Promo Code: 248248 the key to getting a bonus. Let the size of the bonus be small, but it is provided completely free of charge. By receiving bonuses through a promo code, users increase their chances of winning. The scheme works equally on all gaming portals, including the 1xBet bookmaker. The user uses a bonus code, receiving additional benefits in return.

A wager for a welcome bonus at the 1xBet x35 casino.

As for the time for wagering, it takes only a week. Bets that are made at the expense of the bonuses provided must be at least 5 €/$.

1xBet Promo Code Free Spins: 248248 - Get a Bonus at the 1xBet Casino 1750€ and 150 Free Spins.

1xBet Bonus Codes are for registration only. Therefore, they can only be used during the registration process. How?

On the website, you need to copy the promo code and then enter it in the appropriate form during account creation. However, before using the code, the user must decide on the format of the welcome bonus or even decide for himself whether to take it or refuse. 

On the 1xBet website, new customers are offered two types of welcome bonus - for the sports betting section and for the casino section.

The first one! For the bookmaker, the welcome package is a bonus, the amount of which is 100% of the amount of the first deposit. Accordingly, if you also use the 1xBet promo code, 30% is added to the main bonus. The maximum bonus does not exceed the amount of 100 EUR, however, with a promo code, this amount can be increased and will already amount to 130 EUR. However, this is not all. In addition to bonus funds, the player receives 150 free spins as an addition, which can be used on slot machines.

The second! The bonus for the casino as a welcome is up to 1500 EUR, but this amount is not immediately available. The total bonus depends on the amount of money credited to the account for the first four deposits. As for the promo code, it increases the size of the bonus provided only for the first deposit. Add to this 150 free spins, which are also provided in portions, for every four first deposits. 

Now in detail about the other bonuses that the player receives during the game. The main difference between bonuses in this case is the lack of wagering. Points are awarded to the player for active actions. The more active the player behaves, the more promo points are on his 1xBet bonus account. As a result, having a certain amount of points, they can be spent on the purchase of promo codes that allow players to bet on more favorable terms.

Let's talk about what players have options for earning promo points. The first and most basic way to top up your 1xbet bonus account with points is to participate in bonus games. In most cases, such games are public and popular TV shows Memory, Lottery, Safe and Wheel of Fortune. To make the entire list of bonus games available, you need to go to the "Promo" section. You will have to play for real money, but promo points are provided to the player for participation. 

There is another way to get points, which is focused on betting. To do this, the bookmaker's client needs to choose a risk-free bet. In this case, the player makes a bet for his own money on the exact outcome (victory of 1 team, victory of 2 teams, draw). If the bet loses, the player will be credited with the corresponding points to the bonus account. 

The "Lucky Man of the Day" campaign is interesting for players. In this case, the client is invited to place a bet in the amount of at least 2 EUR. The outcome in this case must have a coefficient of at least 1.80. Such a bet is issued in the form of a special coupon, which participates in the drawing. In addition to the fact that a bet can play, a winning ticket can also bring benefits in the form of promo points.

Conditions for getting a bonus in 1xBet

To receive a 1xBet promo code, for a bookmaker or for a casino, the user must immediately after registration make the first deposit in the amount within the established limit. The larger the deposit amount, the larger the bonus amount. 

Now about the conditions under which the welcome package is provided:

To make the first deposit, the user chooses any game currency. If the rules of the gaming portal are not prohibited, the bonus for the corresponding amount is provided in the currency of the gaming account. Bonuses become available after the funds are received as part of the first deposit. If it has been established that the player has re-registered in order to receive bonuses, the game account is blocked, and the bonuses provided are canceled.

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